Justin Bieber's new song 'You Want Me'!


Hey M Girls!

Last night, Justin Bieber attempted to do a live chat session with fans on both TwitCam and UStream during the 2013 Grammy Awards, but unfortch both the sites crashed from too many viewers. "Really now ustream is over capacity my fans are amazing but this is frustrating," the Biebs tweeted.

However, JB had a backup plan, and as an apology to his Beliebers for not being able to chat with them live, Justin recorded a short vid and played an unreleased new song! "It's not finished, but here's a little part a song I'm working on," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Justin's adorable younger sibs Jazmyn and Jaxon also made a quick cameo. Check out both clips below!

Let's dish: -Do you like Justin's new song "You Want Me"? Did you try to watch Justin's live chat yesterday?

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