Justin Bieber tweets his support to X Factor's Drew Ryniewicz!


Hey M Girls!

Here at M, we've been loving The X Factor! And we were huge fans of 14-year-old singer, Drew Ryniewicz and 15-year old Astro, which is why we were totally shocked when they both got voted off last night!

Someone else who was surprised? Justin Bieber! After last night's results, he even tweeted to Drew, who admits she has a major crush on him:

Aww, so sweet!

Let's dish: -Were you sad to see Drew and Astro leave? Who were you rooting for more? And who do you want to win now?

Comment back! And click "read more" to read our exclusive interviews with Astro and Drew!

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Astro interview with M

M: When did you start singing? Astro: My boys always thought it was something I would pursue but I didn't always believe in myself. I started believing myself and doing it professionally at the age of 10. But I've been doing music since I was like a baby. I would write scribble scrabble, words that didn't make sense, but over the years the words started to make sense and I got better and I'm here now so.

M: Since being in LA, what do you miss the most about being home? Astro: Probably the West Indian food. Yeah, the West Indian food...there's not a lot of Jamaican restaurants in L.A.

M: I know L.A Reid is you mentor, what is he really like in person? Astro: He's really humble and he's really cool. He's really funny and he keeps it real. I was going to perform in a different outfit, I didn't like it but the stylist kept saying it was best and it was good for me. He said straight up, "I don't like his outfit, change it, make the performance a little bit more colorful." L.A is humble and he's all about the artist.

M: Who would you like to collaborate with? Astro: I would like to collaborate with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, Willow Smith, Beyonce, all of the greats.

M: What do you think is one tip for people that want to make it to Hollywood? Astro: Just believe in yourself, L.A. told me that. I'm just telling everybody else. Believe in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself, they can't harm you, hurt you, talk down to you; they can't do anything to you, just stay humble.

Interview with Drew M: Did you think about trying out for a show before? Did you maybe think about doing Idol? Drew: I always wanted to be on a show that Simon Cowell was on. His criticism or advice he has given to people was something I always wanted. So I always wanted to be on a show that he could judge me.

M: What's Simon like in person? Drew: Simon is actually super super sweet and super caring. I think some people look past that and think about the criticism he gives and doesn't realize how nice he actually is. He wants the best for his girl category and for just everyone in the competition, so he's actually very very sweet.

M: You've talked on the show about how much you love Justin Bieber. Would you want to sing with him? Drew: Uh yes, I would love to sing with Justin Bieber. Or if he sang to me, both would be good!!

M: Who are some of our favorite female singers? Drew: I really really love Avril Lavigne. I have looked up to her since I was a kid!

M: Other than Justin, who are some of you celebrity crushes? Dew: Taylor Lautner.

M: So does that mean your Team Jacob? Drew: Yes, I am team Jacob all the way! I watched Twilight for Jacob. Let me tell you -- as every girl knows, Taylor Lautner is hot. And every girl goes to the movies that he's in to see him take his shirt off. I'm pretty sure that's why every girl watches Taylor Lautner!

M: What is one of your favorite TV shows or a hobby you like besides singing? Drew: My favorite TV show is "Pretty Little Liars," it is such an addictive show. So when I'm watching TV that's probably what I'd be watching. And in my free time, I actually love taking pictures. I recommend that to anybody, it really gives you a new way to look at things, I guess. You don't see the world the same way when you're taking pictures of it.

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