Justin bonds with the singer he lost to at the Grammys!


Hey M Girls-

Many of you wrote to us yesterday about how upset you were that Justin lost the "Best New Artist" Grammy to jazz singer, Esperanza Spalding. While most M readers simply commented that they wished he would have won, some Biebettes went waaaay overboard with their feelings and posted mean things about Esperanza on various other web sites. Some even sent her threats! But the truth is, Justin actually got to meet Esperanza at the Grammy's and thought she was totally awesome! While he never wants anyone to get hated on (after all, Justin knows first hand how THAT feels), he especially doesn't think such a talented artist deserves the backlash. Check out JB and Esperanza's cute convo backstage:

So let's dish: Did you hear people at school saying mean things about Esperanza? Do you think it makes Justin look bad when fans go overboard with the bullying and threatening? What do you think about the situation as a whole? Comment back!

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