OMG: Karan Brar Reveals What Kinds of Girls He Likes

Karan brar desribes his ideal girl

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Does Karan Brar have a girlfriend? What kinds of qualities does he look for in a potential GF? The Jessie star answered all your burning relationship questions in a new interview and what he's revealing about his love life just might surprise you.

In a recent Instagram video, Karan revealed, "Right now, I'm not dating anyone but the kind of girl that I like is the one that makes me laugh. I have a lot of humor in me and I love to tell jokes so I would love a girl that can do the same."

It makes sense that the thing Karan is attracted to most is humor. After all, he's a pretty hilarious guy, so why wouldn't he want a girl he could make laugh and vice versa?

What's the one quality you look for in a person you'd like to date? Share it with us in the comments below!

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