Karmin's official music video for "Crash Your Party" is here!


Hey M Girls!

The talented duo (and real-life BF/GF!) who make up Karmin became insta-YouTube sensations for their cover videos, and now their first single's ("Crash Your Party") music video has been released! Check it out below:

So cute! Karmin stopped by the M office recently and we had a blast talking to them -- here are some highlights from our convo:

Who's idea was it to start posting covers on YouTube? Amy: I think it was my idea. Nick: I think it was your idea. We first started posting originals, and no one is really searching for your original songs that they don't know yet. Then, we started putting up covers and tried to put as much "Karmin" in it as possible -- make it our style, and put our personality into it so it could be a song they're familiar with, but the sound would be ours.

What were you like in school when you were growing up? Nick: I was definitely the class clown. I was not quiet at all. Amy: I was the girl who tried really weird hairstyles, and even wore kind of strange clothes sometimes. I was made fun of here and there; I loved it.

And what is Nick's advice for all of you M Girls? "Just keep being different. It's actually what's going to make you incredible in life."

Let's dish: - Are you a fan of Karmin? What do you think of their first music video?

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