Keke Palmer dishes about what's in store for True Jackson!


Hey M Girls!

So, a few days ago we had the lucky opportunity to hang out with some of our favorite Nick stars in New York for the World Wide Day of Play. We had so much fun and we hope you did too! We talked to Keke Palmer, Ms. True Jackson, VP herself, and she shared some super exciting info about the upcoming episodes of True Jackson

"True Jackson is going on a trip to Peru!" Keke spills. "Which is a pretty awesome thing, they'll find out about that really soon. It's a fun season. We're going to be getting more into the show and breaking down the characters."

We're psyched for the episode and we can always expect great things from True Jackson. We especially loved the ep with Justin Bieber. Keke even told us what working with him like.

"He was so cool, he still is. It was fun having him on the show," Keke dishes. "He was having a good time and getting into it. He was actually showing me his T-Pain App on his iPhone."

Let's dish: - Are you excited for new episodes of True Jackson? How would you feel if you got to work with Justin?

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