Keke Palmer's brand new web series premieres this week!


Hey M girls!

Tuesday is going to be a big day for Keke Palmer this week -- it's the premiere of her web series "Keke On The Reel!"

Want to learn more about it? Check out what she posted on her blog:

Hey guys,

I receive tons of mail everyday from people asking what's it like to have a tv show plus write & record a new album all at the same time, whew!

First of all, I feel so very blessed and thankful!

However, it's really impossible to describe in a few words what I am truly experiencing, so instead of trying to explain it I'd rather show you first hand what my life is like!

Come join me this Nov for my very first Webisode Series!

"Keke Palmer On The Reel",

No artist just comes out of nowhere, I know at times it must seem this way, but there is a lot of preparation that goes into recording an album and I want to try my best to answer your questions, I also hope that by sharing my journey (learning new dance routines, choosing a single, discussing wardrobe, ect) I can help inspire someone out there trying to follow his or her dream, again there is no way I can answer all questions but I will do my best to cover a lot of ground and keep it "On The Reel"!

Much Love Ya'll, Keke P.

It premieres this Tuesday, the 23rd on Keke's YouTube page!

Let's dish: - Will you watch Keke's web series online? Do you think it sounds like a cool idea?

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