Kendall Schmidt Reveals the Adorable Story Behind His New Tattoo

Big time rush kendall schmidt


Attention, #Rushers! We recently hung out with Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush and he had a lot of amazing things to say about his fans. About a month ago, Kendall posted a pic of a new "bracelet" tattoo on Instagram, and he gave M the exclusive scoop on his fan-dedicated ink during our chat!

"Since being in Big Time Rush, you can imagine we get a lot of gifts... actual things that people spend money on," Kendall explains. "I've probably gotten — we even had a collection going — thousands of bracelets. I wear a lot of them. I have a bracelet tan."

Kendall Schmidt Tattoo

Since getting the tattoo, Kendall won't wear a watch on his left hand because he doesn't want to cover up this reminder of his fans.

"As an homage to all the bracelets I've gotten, I figured just to get one [for the fans]," he says. "It's the least I can do. The only reason I have any sort of job or thing to do because they support it. Then if that's their gift, this [tattoo] is my gift to them. It's there forever."

Kendall is clearly so thankful for all the Rushers have done for him and BTR. So what does he say is the band's future?

"I'd love to keep playing shows as long as people want to see them. It doesn't make sense to go play if the fans are like, 'please, we'd love to buy a ticket!' As far as the TV show goes, we're not filming the actual television show anymore, like a series, but... we're going to come up with some sort of plan. I know they really want us to maintain a presence on Nickelodeon."

What do you think of Kendall's message to his fans? Are you excited that there might be a BTR tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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