Kickin' It's Olivia Holt and Dylan Snyder share their Halloween memories!


Hey M Girls!

Happy Halloween from the Kickin' It cast! Olivia and Dylan wanted to share their adorable Halloween costumes from when they were kids and they spilled what they love about Halloween. Olivia Holt shares about what she wants to dress up as: "This year, I've been thinking either Nicki Minaj or Hello Kitty. I love both! LOL!" Here's an adorable pic of Olivia when she was younger on Halloween:

Dylan Riley Snyder talked about his extreme obsession with his Batman costume: "When I was 3-years old, I began my love for all things Batman. I never wanted to get out of the costume! I wore it day and night until one day my parents realized they needed to purchase another costume so that BATMAN could be washed. Everywhere I went, I went as BATMAN.. to my sister's high school (which embarrassed her) to the theatre, the grocery store, and to preschool. The week of my sister's high school homecoming, I was preparing my clean BATMAN costume and she pitched a fit! Mom told her that it was my freedom and right to wear what I wanted to and it wasn't going to hurt her in the least. The night of the school's homecoming, I showed up in jeans and a button down... with my BATMAN boots on of course! It shocked my sister completely! She was so happy! Everyone at the game kept asking her, "Who's that little kid?' because they didn't recognize me without my BATMAN costume on. From then on I was over BATMAN... and on to Dinosaur man! Yes, I wore a Dinosaur costume around." LOL, cute story Dylan!! Check out the pic:

Make sure to watch Kickin' It's special Halloween episode "Boo Gi Nights" tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD!

Let's dish: -What was your fave costume as a kid?

Photo courtesy Disney XD

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