Kickin' It season two premieres tonight on Disney XD!


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We had so much fun hangin' with Kickin' It star, Leo Howard when he came to visit the M office, so we're super-excited to see season two of his hit show kick off tonight! Check out highlights from our Q&A sesh with Leo: M: For readers who may not watch yet, what's Kickin' It all about? Leo: A couple years ago when I was watching Disney, I wanted to see something like Kickin' It, because I'm a martial artist and I've always loved martial arts, and it's something cool for kids to relate to. The show is Disney XD's first ever live-action comedy show. It's based around this dojo with five kids and they all come together, and just the twist and turns of being kids. And there's always action in every episode.

M: How are you similar to your character, Jack?

Leo: Well, we look alike, there's one similarity. I'm a lot like Jack in a lot of ways. Our sense of humor is super-similar -- I have a really sarcastic kind of sense of humor. Jack shares that with me. Also we both do martial arts. I've done that for a while. And personality-wise, pretty much the same. There's not a lot of differences.

M: Can you tell us three random facts about you that readers would be surprised to find out? Leo: My phone's always on vibrate, I have abnormally large feet -- I wear a size 13 shoe, which is very large, and I collect guitars.

Check out a promo of the second season here:

Looks like fun -- we can't wait! Watch the all new episode tonight on Disney XD at 8:00pm!

Let's dish: -Are you a fan of Kickin' It? What's your fave Disney XD show?

Photo: Disney XD/Ed Herrera

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