Kids' Choice Awards Countdown -- Day Two! Slime Scoop!


Hey M Girls!

I'm back with day two of the KCA countdown and today it's all about the green, gooey SLIME!!

When I called up the Nickelodeon execs to find out what slime is actually made out of, turns out that it's that a top-secret recipe that isn't revealed to anyone! So cool!

Let's dish: -What star do you want to be covered in slime this year?? (Psst! Miley, Miranda, and JB will be there...and maybe even a Twilight star will stop by!).

Comment back! And don't forget to catch all the slime action this Saturday at 8 pm on Nick!

Check back tomorrow for day 3 of the countdown -- you're not going to want to miss it!

XOXO, Brittany

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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