Lab Rats premieres tonight on Disney XD!


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If you're searching for a fun new show to watch, look no further! Tonight, Lab Rats premieres on Disney XD, and we had an awesome Q&A sesh with star (and total cutie) Spencer Boldman. Check it out here:

M: So, what's Lab Rats all about?

Spencer: It's about my character, Adam, and his two siblings and we're teen bionic super humans. That means we all have bionic powers and people don't know about it. So, we're raised in this high-tech mansion for our whole lives, and for the first time we all three get to experience the real world -- we get to go to school and things like that. My character has super strength and heat vision, and we all have our own types of abilities. It gets us into a little bit of trouble because we're not used to being at school and we have to keep our powers secret. It's a really cute show and I'm excited for people to see it.

M: Super powers aside, how would you say you're similar to your character, Adam?

Spencer: What I love so much about Adam is he's extremely lovable. He's very goofy and doesn't take himself too seriously. He's not the smartest person in the world and I'd like to think I'm a little smarter than him, but he and I are alike in the sense that I try not to take myself that seriously. Especially doing comedy, I love goofing around and trying funny things, so my character is always eating something gross or I have something on my face or I'm running into something. I really enjoy playing that and doing that in real life. I think that's how we're most similar.

M: What's your favorite scene that you've filmed so far?

Spencer: I get a horse in an episode, or I find a horse, I should say. And that was probably one of my favorite scenes to shoot so far. That's a hard question. But being able to work with animals and things like that, that was really fun!

M: Would you ever date a fan of your show? Spencer: Yeah, if we bonded then it's totally possible. I think it's hard to date someone in the business or to be a girl in the business then date someone who isn't. They would have to understand that, but otherwise, yeah!

M: Quick -- tell us three random facts about yourself!

Spencer: I took French in high school -- I know how to say "you are very beautiful" in French, I played Lacrosse in school, so it is one of my favorite sports to play and I can throw food up in the air and I can catch it in my mouth. I know it's kind of gross but like a jellybean or something.
M: Let's get real. Why should our readers tune into Lab Rats when it premieres?

Spencer: Since there are so many great shows about singing, dancing, and acting, which is so much fun, but what our show offers is something more like what Wizards fans would like. It's not replacing it in any way, but it's something that those type of fans can attach to. We have so many cool special effects and I don't know what kid wouldn't want to have super powers. Our show is great for families in general and I think kids will be able to skate into this world our creators have made!

Sounds cool! We're definitely gonna have to check it out tonight when it premieres with a special one-hour episode at 8:30 pm ET on Disney XD!

Let's dish: -Will you tune in to watch Lab Rats tonight? Do you think Spencer is super-cute?

Photo courtesy of Disney

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