WATCH: Laura Marano Takes the $1.50-Per-Day Food Challenge

Laura marano do something awards

Getty Images

What do YOU love about Laura Marano? Maybe it's her adorable character, Ally Dawson, from Austin & Ally. Or maybe you can totally relate to how obsessive she is over Harry Potter. Or maybe you love that she loves Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello's relationship! Well, M is giving you one more reason to love Laura...

This Disney Channel star is all about giving back to her community. That's why she's getting involved in UNICEF's Live Below the Line campaign. For five full days, Laura has pledged to live on just $1.50, like so many people in the world without healthy resources are forced to do daily.

For more information, watch Laura's video below and make sure to follow her on Twitter to stay updated on her 5-day challenge! Tell us in the comments: What do you do to give back?

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