Exclusive: Lauren Giraldo Aims to Empower With Her New Show 'Lady Bits'

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Social media star Lauren Giraldo may have gotten her start on Vine, but she is proving that she is ready to become a household name. At age 19, Lauren is taking the entertainment industry by storm. She is a recording artist, actress, and all-around feminist.

She recently premiered her new series Lady Bits on Fullscreen and fans are already loving it. The show centers on women's rights and gender equality. The fact that she's taking on such important topics and gearing the show toward a younger audience is part of the reason why she's a total force to be reckoned with and she wants her fans to know this is a time to learn and stand together.

"This is an important time for women, there is a lot of anger in the community and we should use that emotion to empower us," Lauren exclusively said to M. "Young people, especially young women, need to be educated about feminism and sexism to be able to stand up to the oppression of women. It's important for girls around the world to know that they are not alone and that there is a movement to support women. We need to keep the conversation relevant and I'm proud to have Lady Bits to help me do that."

Besides hosting her show, Lauren just dropped her debut single and she acts too, so safe to say she's super busy. Along the way, she's learned some valuable life lessons, but she always remains her same, authentic self.

"The opportunity to move through different projects in different industries has taught me tremendously, but most importantly I've learned to stay true to myself. Lady Bits serves as a platform to showcase topics that are important to me, in my voice. It is one of the projects I am most proud of," she said. "Likewise, having creative freedom over my music has given me the ability to express myself artistically and I am excited to share my work with my fans."

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Another aspect of Lauren's social media presence that really resonates with her fans is her honesty, especially on Twitter. Having the confidence that allows for this type of transparency is something she prides herself on and feels like everyone should have too.

"It's important to surround yourself with supportive people who appreciate you and understand your goals and visions. You should trust yourself and be confident in who you are and in your voice," she told us.

And that is some solid advice right there.

You can watch Lauren on Lady Bits on Fullscreen now, and catch her on the Only Lovers Do Tour in February.

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