Lea Michele spills about her first solo album!


Hey M Girls!

Back in September, Lea Michele announced to her fans via Twitter that she'll be releasing her first solo album: "Just had a very exciting music meeting and am proud to announce that im officially on the road to making my first album! I'm so excited!"

And now, she's informing everyone that it's already in the works! The Glee star tweeted, "At the studio right now at my first recording session for MY SOLO ALBUM!! I'm so happy and can't wait for you all to hear this record!"

We're so excited Lea -- we can't wait either! But there was one person who didn't have to wait.

Lea tweeted: "Best news is that @ddlovato is the room right next door 2 me recording her album! :) She's so sweet & just gave me such great motivation!"

There def was amazing voices ringing through the halls of that studio that day!

Let's dish: -Are you excited for Lea to release her debut album? Will you buy it?

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