QUIZ: Let Demi Lovato Solve All Your Problems!


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Demi Lovato can sing, dance, act, and now she's even releasing a book. Demi announced her inspirational quote book called "Staying Strong" on Keek yesterday. Demi told her Lovatics, "I'm a firm believer in starting off the day right with an inspirational quote and sort of a morning meditation, so I put together 365 of my favorite quotes."

So in honor of "Staying Strong," M found some of Demi's most uplifting quotes and turned it into a quiz! Do you struggle with your body image? Does your shyness hold you back? Are you stuck in a sea of negative thoughts? Don't worry -- Demi has an inspirational tweet for that!

Follow the instructions of the quiz below and have Demi solve all of your confidence problems. And aways remember Demi's best advice: stay strong!


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