Let It Shine premieres tonight on Disney Channel!


Hey M Girls,

Everyone here at M loves a good DCOM, so we're super-pumped for tonight's premiere of Let It Shine on Disney Channel at 8p/7c! The flick stars sweetie Coco Jones as Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews, a teen singing sensation! When Roxie announces a song-writing contest, Cyrus (played by cutie Tyler James Williams) comes up with a heartfelt entry that's a surefire winner. Only one prob -- Cyrus is too shy to sing the tune himself, so his BFF Kris (played by Trevor Jackson) winds up getting all the credit and Roxie's heart. So, will Cyrus finally turn on the mic and take the stage? You've got to watch to find out!

With a love triangle, plenty of original songs that'll have you dancing in your living room, and lots of eye candy, Let It Shine has got it all! Be sure to tune in to Disney Channel tonight at 8pm/7c to see it for yourself and check back soon for our exclusive Q&A with the stars!

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