Liam Payne dishes more about his breakup with Danielle Peazer!


Hey M Girls!

Back in September, we reported all the deets on Liam Payne and his now-ex Danielle Peazer's breakup. He spilled that he still wanted to be friends -- and he's sticking to his word!

In fact, Liam recently dished that he's really concerned about Danielle's feelings now more than ever. "I've been trying to deal with it in private. I'm not so much worried about me, whatever happens I'll live and deal with it. I'm more concerned about Danielle because I don't want people harassing her for any reason. Obviously she's got a lot on her mind without people saying things on the internet or going to her doorstep. She doesn't need that right now..I've asked for people to stay away from her as much as possible so she can deal with things."

Let's dish: -What do you think about Liam's comments on his breakup with Danielle? Do you think they'll "ever ever" get back together?

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