Liam Payne Loves His Mum Even More Than He Loves Batman!


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Liam Payne knows that mama knows best! The One Direction singer was thisclose to dropping some serious coin on a Batman costume--but she stopped him before he broke the bank!

He told Top Of The Pops (via Entertainment Wise), "I got dressed up as Batman for my sister Nicole's 21st birthday. I wanted to spend loads of money on my outfit and saw one online that for £500 but my mum said I was mad," he admitted. (For the record: £500 amounts to over $760, and by "mad" he means "crazy!")

So what'd he do? "So I settled for one that was just £50 in the end!" That's a big drop in price, Liam! Smart boy, smart mum.

Not everyone has Bruce Wayne's unlimited cash ... though let's be honest, Liam probably does come pretty close!

Have you ever spent a ton of money on a Halloween costume? Who's your favorite super hero? Tell us in the comments!
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