Liam Payne Of One Direction Just Isn't A Morning Person!

Liam payne tired


Liam Payne of One Direction needs his beauty rest, or else he turns into a beast! Well, not really -- but he may issue a cranky tweet or two when Directioners wake him up from his slumber.

Liam took to Twitter after some overzealous Directioners started calling his and his bandmates' hotel rooms on a day off in Atlanta -- and this was all right after similar incidents in Mexico City:

However, Liam wants to make sure all his beloved fans know that he wasn't mad at them, just at whoever woke him up! But some news outlets took his tweets to mean that he's just a cranky baby. Don't believe that for a second, girls -- Liam loves ya!

He wrote a longer post explaining it all. (We cleaned up his spelling and grammar a bit, but these words are 100 percent Payne!)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that I'm not mad at anyone 'cause I'm worried people think I'm pissed off or whatever, and I don't want anyone to think I'm a d---. So I just wanted to say sorry to anyone who was pissed at me the other day. I was just tired and having a bad time, I just miss home a little bit at the moment so please don't think I'm moody or off ...

On the other hand the shows have been amazing! We literally haven't had a bad crowd at any show anywhere in the world. You guys have been incredible, and we never expected this much support from everywhere. It's been so overwhelming to see how many people appreciate our music and make posters and spend all their time and effort trying to find us!

I always wanted to do this since I was small, and you guys have made this happen for me, and I won't ever forget that we watched the last cut of the film yesterday and taking time too look at all the things you guys have made happen for me ... I couldn't thank any of you enough ,so that's it. Really sorry about the other day, we all have bad days!

I love you guys, thank you! x

Do you think Liam was being portrayed unfairly? Do you think Liam is right to get annoyed when he's woken up? Would you ever wake up a member of 1D? Tell us in the comments!

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