Liam Payne Was In Pain From Skateboarding!


Liam Payne is pretty athletic -- he was a boxer, after all! But there's one sport he doesn't ever want to try again: Skateboarding. And based on that photo, we don't blame him!

The One Direction singer revealed to Top of the Pops (via Unreality TV) that the last time he attempted skateboarding ended in disaster.

"I was 16 and I decided to try out the biggest ramp at the skate park, which was really the stupidest thing ever," he confessed.

"I thought I'd be fine if I hurt myself, as I didn't have any gigs coming up. I went down the ramp, the skateboard flipped up and my head hit the floor. I got a massive graze and bruised my face, and when I got home my dad told I had two gigs lined up -- I had to perform them looking like that!"

Yikes! We're glad Liam is okay now. Hopefully if he ever decides to skateboard again, he'll gun for a smaller ramp -- and a helmet!

Have you ever tried skateboarding? Have you ever gotten hurt playing a sport? What sport do you think Liam should try next? Tell us in the comments!

Photo courtesy of Alan Chapman, FilmMagic

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