LOL! Check out the Sesame Street version of Justin Bieber!


HeyM Girls-

Ever wondered what Justin Bieber would look like as a muppet? Well, wonder no more, because our friends over at Sesame Street created a character that looks super-similar to Justin for a recent song sketch with Elmo called, "Measure, Yeah, Measure!" The tune sounds just like Justin's hit, "Never Say Never," with Elmo taking on the role that Jaden Smith played in the original song. Even though it's not Justin himself singing, we gotta hand it to the puppeteers, who managed to get Justin's signature "head/hair swoosh" down. Check out the LOL video below!

Gotta love a Justin & Elmo duet!

So let's dish: - What did you think of the tune? What other celebs do you think would make cute muppets? Comment back!

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