LOL: Zayn Malik's Adorable Drawing of Harry Styles


1D fans know that Zayn Malik has an artistic side -- in fact, he's been drawing cartoons since he was five or six years old -- but we were surprised when he took to Twitter yesterday to post the latest portrait he'd done of Harry Styles. He really captures those perfect curls, don't you think?

"What I like about drawing is it allows you to take some time out and express yourself without having to say too much," Zayn has said. "The hardest thing to do is get the eyes the same size. It's also best not to go into detail with teeth as they end up the wrong shape and look stupid."

When it comes to drawing his bandmates: "I can make them look really ugly -- big cauliflower ears on Niall and a banana on Harry's head." Apparently there's at least one of the guys who can get really annoyed by his silly sketches... Louis Tomlinson, of course!

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