Lucy Hale dishes on her fave holiday traditions and memories!


Hey M Girls,

Only 12 days until Christmas (not that we're counting!) and we've got some fun holiday scoop for you! Lucy Hale recently spilled the beans on Twitter about some of her fave childhood X-mas memories, and they're so adorbs! Check it out here:

On her best present ever: Not sure about anyone else but my fav holiday present was Furby...I couldn't rip the paper off fast enough!

On her holiday game nights: My family is pretty competitive, so we love games esp over the holidays when we're all home. Our fave? Catchphrase!

On her fave Christmas tradition: A silly fam tradition...My mom buys us matching pajamas and we all take a family photo in front of the tree. Thanks Mom! :D

On her #1 Christmas song: Not sure about u, but I love holiday music! My fav song is My Grown Up Christmas Lists. Tugs on the heart strings a little

On a great holiday memory: Convincing my mom to leave out Carrots every year for Santa's reindeer is one of my fav holiday memories!

Such fun holiday scoop, Luce! Love it!

Let's dish: -What are YOUR fave holiday memories and traditions? Do you and Lucy have any in common?

Photo: Startrak

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