M Exclusive: 'A Fairly Odd Christmas' premieres tonight!


Hey M Girls,

We're so excited because tonight is the premiere of A Fairly Odd Christmas -- the brand new, live-action Fairly Odd Parents movie! We're even more excited because we got the chance to chat exclusively with both Drake Bell and Daniella Monet about the flick and all things Christmas! Check it out:

M: We're so excited to watch A Fairly Odd Movie, tell us all about it! Daniella: A Fairly Odd Christmas is just this fun Christmas movie. It's funny and it's just as adventurous as the last movie. We have some of the original cast, and some new cast members as well, and I think it's just like a perfect combination for this funny cheery Christmas movie.

Drake: You know, Timmy's grown up now, he and Tootie are now together and basically the last movie we left of that Timmy's able to keep his fairy god parents if he uses the wishes for other people, and not for himself, so Timmy kinda takes that to the extreme and starts granting everyone's wishes, and Santa catches wind of this and he has to bring Timmy up to the North Pole, but while he's there some stuff happens where Timmy wishes for something, and that kind of magic doesn't work in the North Pole so everything gets crazy and Santa ends up falling and hitting his head and getting amnesia and not remembering who he is, so Timmy has to come in and basically take over for Santa Claus and save Christmas.

M: Cool! Do you have any similarities to you character? Any differences?

Daniella: There's a lot of similarities between her and I. Tootie is just your average girl, she's a little more mature. What I definitely do relate to, is that she is a total lover. She's sort of a hopeless romantic, and I totally feel the same way. I don't think there's a lot that I don't relate to.

Drake: He's a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, lets things roll off his back, nothing really phases him. I think I kinda share that with him. I think he's a little more upbeat than I am. I'm a little more mellow, but he's kinda on 10 all the time.

M: What was it like working with each other again?

Daniella: Drake and I have know each other for a long time, and obviously I grew up watching Nickelodeon, so it was really cool to work with him, he's so easy to work!

Drake: It's awesome, I love working with Daniella. She's great, and she's always such a pro, it's always great to work with her.

M: Where there any challenges you encountered while filming?

Drake: It was really, really cold. So trying to scenes without your teeth chattering was one of the biggest challenges. But I grew up in southern California so I never had a white Christmas, so being up there for the movie, having all the snow, and having everybody dress up for Christmas, and all the decorations, it was really cool.

Did you have a favorite scene to film?

Daniella: There was a particular scene where we go to be harnessed onto these oversized candy canes and zip line up over the snow in the mountains. So they built this whole contraption and we actually got to do it ourselves so I was totally looking forward to that, like from the day we started the movie.

Sounds like a blast, guys! Be sure to check out the premiere of 'A Fairly Odd Christmas' tonight only on Nickelodeon at 8pm ET!

Let's dish: -Will you tune in? What's your fave Christmas movie?

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