M Exclusive: Are Selena's BF Justin & BFF Cameron Quiseng Feuding?


Hey M Girls!

We were so excited when we heard two of our favorite artists and good friends Selena Gomez & Allstar Weekend would be hitting the road together this summer...but could there be tension on the road?

It's no secret that Selena & AW's Cameron Quiseng are close - just check any number of her Twitpics, or when she called him "the coolest person" she knows. A few months back, the buds hung out so much, going on mall dates and bowling trips, that they were even rumored to be dating.

But now that Selena's super-happy with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, many thought Biebs would def be there to support Sel on her first ever headlining tour, except.... when a fan innocently tweeted asking a member of AW's live band, Greg, if she might catch a glimpse of the Biebs on the tour this summer, he replied: "haha he and Cameron(in the band I work for) kinda have beef. Idk how much he will show his face."

Woah, sounds like some major dramz. We're hoping Sel works out the tension between Cameron and Justin!

Let's dish: -What do you think of the Cameron/Justin feud? Who's side will Selena take, her BF or her boy BFF?

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