M Exclusive: Backstage at Z100's Jingle Ball!


Hey M Girls!

'Tis the season for star-studded holiday concerts! Just last Friday, M interns Maggie and Francesca had the chance to hang out back stage at Z100's Jingle Ball. They had so much fun and got to hang out with some of the hottest celebs. Want to know what went on behind-the-scenes? Here's the EXCLUSIVE backstage dish:

  • You prob saw the photos of Selena and Justin at IHOP on Friday morning. How did Sel feel about it? She said, "It was pancakes, oh my gosh! How does everybody know?"
  • Speaking of Justin... Biebs was super busy getting ready for his performance, so sadly he didn't have time to chat with M. But, we saw him run into Kim Kardashian on the red carpet and they gave each other a huge hug. Aww!
  • Like everyone at the concert, Selena was super excited for Justin's performance. But, she was also excited to everyone else! She said, "I'm excited to see all the performers. But do you want to know who I'm most excited to see? Bruno Mars. I love Bruno Mars."
  • There were tons of celebs hanging around backstage, including Travie McCoy, Michael Bublé, Taio Cruz, Bruno Mars and Jesse McCartney.
  • Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, told M intern Maggie that she loved the pattern tights she was wearing. It was a total OMG! moment!

All in all, it was a totally awesome night! We even got some great pics... check them out!

Taio Cruz looked like "Dynamite" on the Jingle Ball red carpet.

We LOVED Jesse's red leather jacket... he looked so cute!

Hmm... what's so funny, Sel?

Kim Kardashian loves M Magazine!

Let's dish: - Did any of you M Girls go to Z100's Jingle Ball? What celeb would you be most excited to meet? What would you ask them? Comment back!

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