M Exclusive: Bailee Madison's LOL-worthy embarrassing moment!


Hey M Girls,

Get this -- the adorable Bailee Madison just left the M office (see her above with our whole staff!) and while she was here, she had to tell us about a super-funny embarrassing moment that happened right before she got here! You see, Ms. Madison was in NYC filming "The View" (a talk show with a bunch of hosts, including one named Joy!) Anyways, when Bailee was leaving she went to what she THOUGHT was the car picking her up to drive her to the M office. She heard the driver saying "Joy" and assumed he was just full of lots of holiday cheer, so she sang back "Joy to the World". It turns out... the car was actually meant for "The View" host Joy and NOT Bailee! Oops -- talk about funny!

For more hilarious stories and vids from our day with Bailee, stay tuned to mmm-mag.com!

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