M Exclusive: Bunheads premieres tonight on ABC Family!


Hey M Girls! ABC Family's new show, Bunheads, premieres tonight and we're super-excited to watch! M chatted with some of the show's stars to get the scoop on why you ladies should tune in tonight.

The show centers on Michelle, a fast talking show dancer from Vegas, who finds herself in a sleepy town called Paradise. She learns that her mother-in-law runs a ballet studio, and quickly meets a group of girls from the studio. Before you know it, Michelle has shaken up their lives! "I think it's fun." Emma Dumont, who plays dancer Melanie, tells M, "There's a lot of clever, quirky things in it, and there's a lot of pop culture references and musical theater references." We can't wait to try and follow along!

Each of the girls comes from a dancing background. Everything they do on camera is totally real! Emma told us that their years of dancing totally helped the girls bond when filming the first ep. "I always tell people dancers are like a different kind of people. So we all really understand each other," she said, "Like off the bat, we were like a family." Kaitlyn Jenkins (Bettina) also tells us that they hang out off set! "We'll go after rehearsal or after class and we'll go eat or go hang out at the apartment, watch some TV or movies and just talk." So adorbs!

Catch the girls in action tonight on ABC Family at 9pm ET!

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