M EXCLUSIVE - Camryn spills on her prank war with Cody Simpson!


Hey M Girls-

When Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance's tour rolled through the NYC area, the boys' opening act Camryn stopped by our offices -- and get this, she showed up not in a car, but her actual tour bus! While we hung with Cam on her bus, she spilled major secrets about her time on the road with Cody and Greyson. We def LOL-ed when she revealed the three of them were battling each other in a prank war. Check out the video below:

After we were done chatting, Camryn gave us a tour of her bus. Of course we took pics!

The outside of the bus -- pretty cool right?

Here's Cam showing us what she eats in her bus' kitchen:

Camryn's dog Lulu was soooo cute!

So let's dish: Have you heard any of Camryn's music? Did you see her on tour with Cody and Greyson? Comment back!

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