M Exclusive: Cody Simpson shares his holiday plans!


Hey M Girls,

With less than a month until Christmas, all of our fave celebs are getting ready for the big day! Cody Simpson dished exclusively to M about his plans for the holiday season. He told us "I'll be able to have the chance to go back to Australia for Christmas this year, for a two-week break before I go on tour and record a new album next year. So that should be a lot of fun." -- wish we were there!

Being in Australia for Christmas means getting to cozy up to a fire...on the beach! Cody dished,"Whenever we have holidays down there we're always sitting by the fire at the beach and playing guitar and stuff which is always a lot of fun. Lots of friends like to come down and hang out. It's always summertime over Christmas so it's always really sunny, and you can go surfing like 24/7 which is so much fun."

Wanna know what Cody's fave thing about the holiday season? He shared, "I really like just being home cause wherever I am I spend it with my family and friends and it's always nice to have a couple days off over Christmas to just hang out and really cherish the most important things in your life." -- how sweet is that?

So let's dish: -What are your holiday plans? Do you wish you could spend the holidays on the beach with Cody?

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