M Exclusive: Cody Simpson tells YOU what you should be for Halloween!


Hey M Girls!

We were lucky enough to have an awesome hang sesh with Cody Simpson yesterday in NYC. At our exclusive photoshoot, we started talking about our fave things about fall with Cody...and Halloween popped up! If you're stressed about your costume this year, no worries -- Cody has an idea for YOU! Check out his super-sweet Halloween message:

Aww! We'll be your angels any day, Cody! Make sure to check back here for more exclusive pix and videos from our day with Cody!!

So let's dish: -What do you love most about Cody? Have you thought about your Halloween costume yet? What do you want to dress up as?

Comment back! And for more on Cody, make sure to pick up the BRAND new issue of M -- inside, Cody opens up about getting egged by a hater -- only to us! It's a must-read for any of Cody's angels.

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