M Exclusive: Conrad visits the M office!


When Conrad visited the M office, we had a blast catching up with him! We got to know him back in October and were thrilled when he came to the office for a visit! He dished exclusive deets about his new single, "Young Again" (which he even played for us!), waffles, a pet mouse, his Christmas tree from the 1970's, and if he's ever had a New Year's kiss!

Check out our first interview with Conrad here!

I heard you'll be on MTV soon!

I don't know the exact date, but my next song...That video will probably be the premiere on there!

Neat! What's your next single called?

It's called "Young Again."

Do you have any music video ideas for your next single?

It's gonna be really intense and over the top. I like to put on a spectacle! I want things to blow up and all sorts of stuff.

What's your favorite part of shooting music videos? It's fun, but it's a lot of work and a lot of stress. When you do shoot, everyone else kind of takes over. It's weird because the first one I shot, "Namedropper," was just weird because I'd never done one before. The director kind of took me aside and he was like "okay, you kind of have to step it up a notch." He said, "I've never been on that side of the camera; I'm always on this side, so I don't know what it's like -- I imagine it's kind of weird, but you gotta step it up a notch!" I was like "okay." After that I needed to not be so scared and feel so awkward! We were walking down this public street that was closed off and I was kind of singing to the camera. It's just weird having people watch from the other side!

What can you tell us about the new music you've been working on? Does it sound the same as "Takeoff"?

I mean it has elements from the old stuff, but I recorded the "Takeoff" album three years ago and so in those three years, I've been through more stuff and learned a bunch as an artist and as a musician. I get to incorporate that into my music, so it's taking a more rock element with some dubstep on one of the songs!

Do you have any wacky holiday traditions?

I come from a very interesting family in a very interesting part of California, so of course! So my mom has allergies, so we always have a fake tree. My mom had one, they just got a new one, but before that one, when I was growing up, we had one from 1970! It had fake snow all over it and it was the grossest thing to put together! Our cats used to climb the Christmas tree and just sit at the top and hit the angel! The fake snow would just fall everywhere and every day my mom would be complaining about it and vacuuming it up!

Check out the vid of him talking about it here:

Was it powdered stuff that just got stuck on the branches?

I think it came like that originally, but from 1970 till now - that's a long time! It kind of just became this gross dust!

What is your favorite Christmas movie and song? I love all the old Christmas cartoons. I love, what's the new one. It's called Prep & Landing. I love that one. My favorite is probably Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. Can't get rid of that one!

What was your favorite Christmas present you've gotten? You know when you're younger and you're a kid and you get those Jeep things where you can push the pedals and drive around? YES!

I got one of those and it was the coolest thing ever! I'm from the country, so I would drive it down the street to the neighbor's house and it would die halfway there, so my dad would have to come get me and carry it home.

Have you ever had a New Year's Eve kiss?

I don't think so. Should I say yes?

No! I feel like my mom kissed me once on New Year's when I was like six, but that's kind of awkward.

Do you have a New Year's Resolutions?

Yeah. I'm gonna get a pet mouse probably this year. I want a pet mouse, I just decided that recently.

What are you gonna name it? Probably Fivel, like Fievel Goes West. I have a dog.

Isn't your dog going to eat the mouse?

No, that's cats. I should get a cat too and they can be friends, like all three of them, just really good friends. They can have tea in the morning together. Mice are cute! I was in the pet store and I was like "I should get one." And they spin on the wheel! What's not funny about that?!

What do you want for Christmas this year? a Yonana maker!

(*it's like an ice cream maker, except you only use frozen fruit - like bananas!)

Can you tell us a random fact?

I just ate the biggest waffle ever. And it was good, covered in butter, but they didn't have peanut butter. Is that weird out here to put peanut butter on waffles?

No, I have a lot of friends who do that!

The lady was like "that's weird." I was like "maybe it's a west coast thing."

I feel like that's something people pick up in college. We put ice cream on waffles here! I've never seen that before and that was on the menu here! I was like "wow, you can get ice cream on waffles!"

Before he left, he wanted to give M Girls a shoutout! Check it out!:

Thanks for chatting with us, Conrad! Check out his music videos on his Youtube channel, OfficialConrad, and he loves tweeting fans, so follow him @ThatKidConrad !

So let's dish: -Are you excited to hear his new single? Do you have any wacky holiday traditions like Conrad?

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