M Exclusive: Girl talk with Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman!


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Hey M Girls!

Could you imagine going to an awesome country just to do something you love? That's exactly what Aly Raisman is doing this weekend! The 18-year-old gymnast will be in the qualifying round of the 2012 Olympics today competing for the USA, and we got to chat with Aly her before she got through the Olympic trials -- we're super-proud of her!

M: How do you combat nerves when you compete? Aly: I always work really hard everyday in the gym so by the time I compete I feel really confident and excited. When I'm competing I try to focus on enjoying it rather than focusing on my nerves

M: What's been the hardest part about gymnastics? Aly: The hardest part of gymnastics for me is the mental aspect of it. It is always important to believe in yourself, never give up and always keep your goals in mind.

M: How grueling are practices? Aly: Especially this year, the workouts have definitely become so much harder and so much more intense. I am training some days up to 7 and half hours a day, way more than I ever have before. No matter how hard it gets, I always end up coming back for more the next day because I want to have no regrets and the feeling of a good workout and the feeling of accomplishment is the greatest feeling ever.

M: Do you have a good luck charm? Aly: I personally don't have a good luck charm. However, my mom likes to wear the same necklaces to all my meets.

Let's dish: -Have you ever had to overcome something like Aly? Would you be able get through the crazy gymnastics practices?

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