M Exclusive Interview: Jennifer Veal who guest stars in tonight's "Jessie"!


Hey M Girls!

We can't wait to tune into tonight's episode of Jessie, where Jennifer Veal is starring as Nanny Agatha! We had the chance to talk to Jennifer about the episode! Here's our Q&A:

M: How did you get your start in acting? Jen: I started to dance at the age of 5, then booked my first professional job at age 9 on the West End stage. I've got the bug. It's what I was born to do! Then, I started booking TV and film (BBC and Disney UK), soon moved to the US, and now here I am in Hollywood working on Jessie. My career has been hard work but its definitely paid off!

M: What was filming Jessie like? Jen: THE BEST!!! I love going to work on a Monday morning! I don't have family here in the U.S., so I simply created my own and the Jessie cast and crew have been a massive part of that. I love them. We work hard and play hard doing fun things like bowling and eating fro-yo!

M: Did you get to hang out with Debby at all? What surprised you about her? Jen: All the time :) - off set and on set. She's a wonderful person and I enjoy her company so much. On weekends, we sit by the piano and sing together and hang out. Deb is FULL of surprises! She is like a chameleon of the arts -- writing, singing, producing, etc! So, now I just go with the Debby flow!

M: How are you like and unlike your character? Jen: Well... Agatha... I hope I don't look like her! Haha. Both of my characters are British, so I can relate to that! We are all similar in the fact that I'm determined and driven like Agatha and Angela, they both just go about it the wrong way!

M: Would you ever want to be a nanny? Jen: Ermmm... I do look after my younger cousins a lot and enjoy interacting with younger people, but I'm not quite sure I could do it full time! Being able to influence and advise is great though, I LOVE that!

M: What's your best babysitting tip? Jen: Pretend it's later than it is! Then they think they've been able to stay up super late, haha! Other than that, I am great at telling stories, so I always end up telling a million, and the kids all fall asleep, but I'm always enjoying myself so much that I continue, ha!

M: Why should girls tune in tonight? Jen: Because there is going to be 2 of me, which is creepily cool! And as beautiful as Peyton is, her character "Emma" gets a GIANT zit! And finally, Debby and I end in a mud bath! This is going to be an epic episode and one that shouldn't be missed!

Don't miss it on the Disney Channel tonight at 8 pm EST!

Let's dish: -Will you be tuning in tonight? What's your best babysitting tip?


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