M Exclusive: Our Q & A with Mirror Mirror's Lily Collins!


Hey M Girls!

Mirror Mirror hits theaters TODAY and we can't be more excited about the flick! Just last weekend, we got to have a personal chat sesh with Lily Collins, who plays Snow White in the movie and we had a blast talking to her -- she was such a sweetheart! Check out our interview below:

M: Hey, Lily! You just turned 23 on March 18 -- Happy Be-lated Birthday! We're sure this movie was an awesome gift in itself, but how else did you celebrate? Lily: Thank you! Yeah, my birthday was the day after the premiere in LA, so it was pretty much a party in itself, that whole weekend! But my mom and dad were both in town, so we had a lovely family dinner and during the day I hung out with them, so it was nice to have a calm "me" day since I've been so busy. This has been such an amazing time for me, so it was exciting.

M: So how did you react when you learned you got the role of Snow White? Lily: Oh my gosh, I freaked out. I thought it was a joke because they told me April 1st of last year, on April Fool's Day! I literally said out loud, 'If this is a joke, I don't even know what I'm going to do.' I was crying of excitement, and at the same time, scared that it was a joke. It was such an honor -- I couldn't even believe it. I still can't believe it. I grew up loving fairy tales and Snow White was always one of my favorites. I just couldn't believe that they were making it into a film and I was playing her.

M: What was the most memorable scene that you filmed? Lily: There are two that stand out to me. One was the scene at the very end of the movie -- it's the big song and dance number, which is in the credits now. I sang, and we all danced at my wedding with 300 or 400 people. I watch it and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, I really did that, with that many people, and really let go and had fun.' I'll never forget those moments, filming that. There's also the scene with Julia [Roberts] at the very end of the movie, when she gives me the apple and I give it back to her. Just the idea of me being mean to Julia and being in that scene with her -- it was just so bizarre, to be staring at her and saying those lines -- it was like a picture moment for me to capture and remember.

M: Did Julia Roberts give you any advice that stuck with you? Lily: It was mainly watching her that I found the most things to take with me. Her kids were on set a lot, and she is first and foremost a mother, even in a work environment. And she's so giving to other actors and actresses, like in a scene. She came in on the last day of filming just to do my close-ups and be there for my work. That says a lot, because you'd think that someone as seasoned and as big as Julia wouldn't have to come in for stuff that she's not in. But she's what you would call a class act -- she's so classic and so beautiful. She knows every aspect of a scene -- not just her lines, but the shot and the lighting and the editing, everything that goes into making a shot in the movie. That way her performance is the best it can be because she knows everything going into it.

M: The costumes and dressed you wear in the movie look amazing! Did you have a certain dress you loved or one that took you forever to get in? Lily: They ALL took forever to get in! They took about 20 to 25 minutes each. And some of the dresses wouldn't fit through doorways so we had to put them on on stage, which was pretty interesting. My favorite would definitely have to be the wedding dress, just because it's so iconic to me and the colors are so bright. Actually, I wore that outfit in both of my favorite scenes.

M: Do you have any memorable bloopers or funny moments that happened while filming? Lily: I'm surprised I didn't have more of them because I was running through those woods which were actually made of salt, and I had on heels and a big dress. But the moment where I'm running through the woods and I hit the tree branch and fall backwards and pass out -- at one point, the tree branch fell off too easily, and as I ran, I ran straight through and into the camera! It hurt but it was a moment where I was laughing so hard. I couldn't stop.

LOL--we're glad you're OK! Thanks for talking to us, Lily!

Let's dish: -Are you excited for Mirror Mirror? Are you going to see it this weekend?

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