M Exclusive! Owl City's Adam Young tells us what's up between him and Taylor Swift!


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M has been following the "enchanted" love story between Taylor and Adam for months now and we just got the M exclusive from Adam! To recap, Tay and Adam met once in NYC and Tay penned a song about the meeting on her new CD, titled "Enchanted." In the CD book lyrics, she capitalized certain letters in the song to spell out "Adam", giving away who the inspiration was. Just this past Valentine's Day, Adam responded by recording his own special song for Taylor and telling her he was amazed by her, too. Since the message, we haven't heard a new update--but check out what Adam spilled to only us:

M: We thought it was so cool and special that Taylor wrote "Enchated" about you. What was your first reaction to hearing the song? ADAM: I was sitting at my kitchen table playing her new record from top to bottom and when I got to "Enchanted" in the inside written lyric page and spelled out the name A-D-A-M... my heart literally skipped a few beats and I just sat there with a HUGE silly smile on my face. Needless to say, I'm incredibly honored that she'd write such a gorgeous song about me and I still can't help but grin when I hear it. She's such a lovely girl.

M: Have you heard from Taylor since penning your "Enchanted" response on Valentine's Day? ADAM: Not yet!

M: What do you think makes Taylor so enchanting? ADAM: The fact that she's not afraid to be herself. I love how she deals with life by writing songs about whatever is going on in her world. There's something so touching and beautifully personal about her music. I think that's why so many people connect with it. I definitely feel inspired by the art she creates.

M: Did you write a new song for her on your new CD? ADAM: Maybe :)

Aww! So sweet! So let's dish: -What do you think of Adam's answers? Do you think him and Tay should date?

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