M Exclusive Q&A: Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish!


Hey M girls!

Our fave pretty little liars have everyone at M anxiously awaiting tonight's season premiere! This season we're super-excited to find out more deets about Alison, Maya, and most importantly, "A".

We got the chance to chat with "A" herself, Janel Parrish (aka Mona) and she spilled some insider info about the upcoming season. Happy reading, ladies!

Check out our exclusive Q&A sesh with Janel: M: Hey Janel! How did you first react when you officially found out that you were going to be "A"?!

Janel: I was extremely excited. It's an honor to play such an important role in the show -- such a complex role. It's really great because in the finale I played 3 different characters. So, it was really challenging but really, really fun to be able to think into all those different personalities. Surprisingly enough, I would say "dorky" Mona was the most fun to play. Haha! It's the root of everything. It shows her back story and how she became who she is and why she does the things that she does. So, I think it's really important to show that part of her character.

M: Too cool! If you could play any other part on Pretty Little Liars, which one would you want to play?

Janel: I actually auditioned for Spencer before I got Mona. I had a couple callbacks, but I'm glad that I got Mona and Troian got Spencer. Our personalities really come through in the roles that we got and I can't imagine it any other way. So, I'm really happy that I ended up getting Mona. M: We are too! So, it may be kinda hard, but are there any ways that you are like Mona?

Janel: Definitely. I can relate to the vulnerability that Mona had when she was younger, with trying to fit in and overcoming peer pressure. You know, just trying to be accepted by your peers. And I think ultimately, that's the root of her problems. And, I think everybody can relate to that part of her character. M: We totally agree! How old were you when you first knew you wanted to become an actress?

Janel: I was six years old. My parents took me to go see Phantom of the Opera. It came to Hawaii, where I was from, and I just turned six and told my dad I wanted to do that. So, about six months later the touring company for Les Miserables came to Hawaii for open calls for 'Little Cosette', and I ended up booking it! I toured the country with Les Mis for about nine months then went to Broadway and since then, I've just been chasing that dream! M: We're super-excited for tonight's season premiere! Do you have any scoop on what's to come?

Janel: Thanks! When we come back, it's six months from where the finale left us and Mona will still be in the Radley Sanitarium. And, you'll find out who's visiting her, if she has help, who it is, and all that good stuff! M: We can't wait! Before we hang up, quick -- do you know who the black swan is at this point?

Janel: I do know who the black swan is! And you'll find out in the next few episodes when season 3 starts.

Ooh, we can't wait to find out! Thanks for chatting, Janel!

Let's dish: -Will you tune in for tonight's Pretty Little Liars? Who is your fave character?

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