M Exclusive Q&A: We chat with Austin Mahone about his free concert!


Hey M Girls!

Pop-Tarts sponsored a free Austin Mahone concert in Chicago recently, and before the show, we got to chat with Austin about it! Check out our Q&A:

M: Are you excited for the concert? You're performing with Boys Like Girls and Carly Rae Jepsen. Have you met Carly Rae before? Austin: Yeah, I'm really excited. I haven't met Carly Rae before -- I can't wait! I heard like 10,000 people are going to be there. I can't believe it!

M: That's crazy! What song are you most looking forward to singing at the show? Austin: My new single "Say Something".

M: What does that song mean to you? Austin: It means to me many things. One being that, if a girl is being really shy, hopefully if she feels the vibe, she should say something to him. She's being really shy and I would want a girl to say something to me.

Cool! Thanks for talking with us, Austin! For more info on Pop-Tarts "Crazy Good Summer" sweepstakes, click here!

So let's dish: -Why do you love Austin?

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