M Exclusive Q & A: We chat with Becky G!


Hey M Girls!

Between going on tour with Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber, collaborating with Cher Lloyd and just being plain awesome, one thing's for sure -- Becky G is a star on the rise! Yep, even Simon Cowell (the dude behind the magic that is One Direction) tweeted: "Just met a future star. Her name is @itsbeckygomez." It's true!

We had a chance to chat with the star about tour and her personal life, including her obsession with the One Direction guys -- LOL! Check out our convo below:

M: What would you consider your big break? Becky: Probably for me right now it just happened: performing at Staples Center. I went to my first concert almost exactly a year ago. It was a Justin Bieber concert at Staples Center and to perform at Staples Center on the same stage as Justin Bieber opening up for him with Cody was just so crazy to think that within a year's time, what I've accomplished with myself and just as an artist and getting signed along the way, it was really cool to think!

M: Do you have a favorite memory with Cody from those concerts? Becky: The first concert I remember, we were in his tour bus and we were about to start getting hair and makeup done and stuff and I was talking to him and his dad and I was like "this is my first real performance. Ever." And he's like "this many people? You're performing here for your first time ever?" I was like "yeah" and his dad was like "oh, I caught goosebumps. This is crazy!" To be part of that is really really cool and that was really cool to hear him say that and give me tips to just "go out there and do your thing and you'll love it."

M: Aww that's really nice. So what does "Wish U Were Here" mean to you? Becky: I see it as luckily I've gotten to travel a lot and I know in my career I'm going to be traveling a lot more and I'm really really close to my family and my friends and I think it means, when I listen to the song, I'm going to be away and I'm gonna want them to be there with me and not all of them are going to be able to be with me.

M: Are you working on your own album right now? Becky: YES! I'm definitely going to be coming back to New York for two weeks and I'm going to be recording and writing a lot out here and I'm already back home in LA, locked up in the studio just doing my thing. It's really cool. It's definitely a work in progress and I'm learning a lot more about myself.

Let's dish: -Are you a fan of Becky G?

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