M Exclusive Q & A: We chat with Dylan Hyde!


Hey M Girls!

Meet Dylan Hyde -- he's a total cutie! This 15-year-old singer from San Diego has an amazing voice that's worth a listen!

We had the chance to chat with the star about his personal life, singing career, and even girls!

M: What's your technique to songwriting? Do you have any specific way you go about it? Dylan: I would sit down and usually just start playing chords and just jam and then while I'm jamming I would just start humming. I don't really hum I guess, I sing, just like random doo doo doos and la la la's and I get a melody and things start playing from there.

M: How long do you think it takes for you to write a song on average? Dylan: I'm gonna go with about an hour, hour and a half.

M: I listened to your song "Love is". What does that song mean to you? Dylan: I actually didn't write that song, but I'm very close to the song. What I imagine when I'm singing it to get an emotional value out of it is to kind of, for instance, girls are really insecure at this teenage age and aren't confident with themselves. They're sometimes scared of love because teenage boys are known to just hurt them. So I'm saying if you knew what love really was, what love could do... if it was real, then there's so many things that can come from it. So I describe things in the song that love really does to you. It's a very emotional song.

M: What's your least favorite subject? Dylan:Man, can I pick all of them? I guess English because you have to write essays and doing it on the computer and trying to focus -oh man, it's terrible. It's really terrible.

M: What's your favorite song on the radio right now? Dylan: I like One Direction, so any song by them. They're cool dudes I think. I haven't met them yet though.

M: If you could hop on a plane and go anywhere right now, where would you go? Dylan: Fiji. I have this deodorant called Fiji spice and it smells so awesome and if Fiji the place smells anything like that, I'm living there forever.

M: Do you have any embarrassing moments you can share? Dylan: This is really true, guys. I was in elementary school and on the playground there was a fire pole and everyone was like sliding down it looking all cool. There's bars on the side of it that are connected to the play set. I liked this one girl Ashley and this other kid named Jared. Ashley was up there and Jared was showing off to her and I was trying to - she told me she liked me so I was like "oh my god what can I do to get her to like me more!" so Jared jumps on the side bar with one hand and swings and then jumps off and I remember Ashley saying something about that's so cool! Then I went and did it with my left arm, which is not my strong one, and I jumped onto it and immediately fell and I fell and I broke my arm. It hit the concrete and broke my arm. It was so embarrassing and my arm was all broken!

Listen to Dylan's song "Love Is" below (you can buy it on iTunes!):

See what Dylan has to say and watch the vid below:

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