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We recently got to chat with cutie Olly Murs while he was in NYC for an exclusive Central Park performance! The former X Factor contestant, who has already had two albums out in the UK, is about to release his very first album in the U.S -- so of course we had to get all the deets! Check out what Olly had to say about his fans, his new single "Troublemaker", dating an American girl, and what he and Niall do on their days off!

M: Hey Olly! What does it feel like to perform here in Central Park? Olly: It's the first time I've been, I never get a chance to come and see the sights, so actually here today it's been nice to sort of have a look around and actually do a performance, and see some fans as well. It's always a pleasure, cause whenever you do the music and stuff, you want to see the response from fans, and so to see that many people here, in New York City, in Central Park, it's incredible.

M: Now that you have fans here in America, what's the difference between American fans and UK fans? Olly: I think they're all as lovely as each other, and I get on so well with all of them. And I think with me, I've always had a great connection with my fans I always like to talk to them and have a conversation. They're all really nice. There's a few of them that I've noticed have met me at different gigs, and they're really sweet and nice. You know, I like the ones that don't hassle you, they just like to see you, and have a chat, and I like that, it's cool. I'm just a normal guy, so it's nice to talk to people.

M: So, what about American girl vs. British girls? Olly: I Think that it's fresh for me in America because people don't know who I am, so I'm kinda open here for a girl to woo my heart. American girls won't necessarily know me for who I am in the UK, so they're actually gonna be meeting me for who I am, which is quite nice. I could go to a random state in America, and I can meet the girl of my dreams, cause she doesn't know who I am! In the UK it's harder, because I'm much bigger in the UK, and I've had lots of success there, so it is very difficult for me to meet girls.

M: What about your friends in the UK? Do people treat you differently now that you're famous? Olly: I think that when your life changes so much, you're always gonna have someone that's not gonna get it, or people who are gonna find it hard or difficult. Yeah, people have changed, but it's part of my job, so unfortunately that has happened, but I know who my real mates are, so I'm lucky really.

M: Speaking of friends, you're good pals with One Direction. Have you heard their new album? Olly: I've heard bits of it. Cause I went out with Niall recently, and we caught up and it sounds amazing. It does sound really, really good, and I think the One Direction mania of US fans, and UK fans, or any fans across the world are gonna love the album, it's great.

M: Nice! And what about your new music? Tell us about "Troublemaker"! Olly: There's always a girl in your life that's a bit of a troublemaker that causes problems, and you don't wanna like them, but you do. So there's been many girls like that in my life, and I think that any guy can relate to this song, and I think girls can relate to it, us guys are just as bad! I think it's a really great song. I'm happy with it, and I think the reaction from the fans has been amazing.

M: And finally we have to talk about the album, "Right Place, RIght Time", why should M Girls check it out? Olly: From start, from track one all the way to the end, it's just amazing. So I'm really happy. It's a really step forward, and I think it's the best album I've done, and I think to put this album out to America, it's the perfect time. The right place, and the right time!

Swoon! We totally love Olly! Check out this exclusive video of Olly chatting about his texting style:

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