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It's M intern Christie here giving you the exclusive deets from my chat with KIDZ Star USA winner, Kiana Brown! She blew Kris Allen and the rest of KIDZ Star judges away last year, and now her single "Hey Chica" is a bonus track on the Kidz Bop 22 Limited Edition CD! Hours after the interview, "Hey Chica" was still stuck in my head!

When I sat down with quirky Kiana Brown, we chatted about her amazing Shakira and Britney Spears impressions, her "Hey Chica" video, and "Secrets of a Diva." Here's what she said!

M: What's the message of your single, "Hey Chica"?

Kiana: "Hey Chica" is about...being yourself and not letting anybody say anything. Especially being in high school, there can be a lot of negative feedback that you get from a lot of other girls. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Everybody has the right to their opinions, so don't take it to heart.

M: Your music video for "Hey Chica" looked super fun to film! What was your favorite part of making the video?

Kiana: My favorite part was definitely the pool scene because all of my friends were there and it wasn't like acting, it was for real fun. I really like that I got to give my friends who have been supporting me the entire way the experience of making a music video and having a fun party at the same time! M: What are you looking forward to most about the Kidz Bop tour and just being on tour in general?

Kiana: I definitely am really excited to be one-on-one with my fans and singing "Hey Chica" to them! Also, I love hanging out with the Kidz Bop kids because they're so much fun and we're just like a big family. We just have tons of inside jokes already and we've only been to rehearsal, so I don't know if I can take too much more of them for six weeks! I'm just kidding! It's so much fun with them! M: In the future, if you could collab with anyone in the music world, who would you pick?

Kiana: Oh my gosh, that's so hard. If it were a girl, I would probably want to do it with either Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift just because I look up to them so much... For a boy, I would definitely say Cody Simpson right off the bat, but One Direction because I don't think I've ever seen that with one girl and then a whole group.

M: Can you tell us about the first song you wrote, "Secrets of a Diva"?

Kiana: I like all the songs that I've written after the age of six! "Secrets of a Diva" was my first song that I ever wrote and it's just so - I don't know where I got the idea to write a song, but I remember looking at the back of this card...and it said "draw yourself on stage" and one of my lyrics was "Secrets of a diva, it's my day to shine, secrets of a diva, can you draw yourself on stage?" What is wrong with me? I was six, so I'm glad I got that first experience and I got to build off of that, but I never will write a song like that ever again! I look at it now and I'm like WOW. Really Kiana, really? M: Do you have any secret talents that you wish somebody would ask you about?

Kiana: I actually do a really good Shakira impersonation. Everybody's always like "do Shakira, do Shakira!" My mom's name is actually Shakira, so every single time someone asks my mom what her name is, they start singing "Hips Don't Lie"! I love doing impersonations, impersonations are so much fun - Shakira, Selena Gomez, Adele, Christina Aguilera, oh I do a really good Britney Spears too. It's just so much fun and impersonating people is the greatest because people [who hear me] ask "is that ______????" "No. No it's not." M: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Kiana: My favorite music in the entire world I would have to say is British pop, just because it has such a good beat to it and it's always so fun. Out of British pop there's Adele, she's super bluesy with her pop and I love that and her voice fits it completely. Also, I love Pixie Lott and Eliza Doolittle because their stuff is just so - they always have that refreshing bluesy, raspy kind of voice but their music is like jazzy pop, I don't know how to explain it. It's just British pop and it's just amazing. My dream place to produce music would probably be London because British pop is my vibe! It's the thing I love the most!

Check out Kiana Brown's official music video for "Hey Chica" here:

Let's dish: -What do you think of "Hey Chica"? Do you want to see more of Kiana's music?

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