M Exclusive Q&A: We chat with singer Tino Coury!


Hey M Girls,

It's M intern Jen here giving you all the deets from my chat with pop musician, Tino Coury! Tino who sings, writes and also produces (woah!) is originally from Pennsylvania but has currently been living in L.A for the past few years!

He made a name for himself in 2010 with his smash single "Diary" that hit #11 on the the Billboard Hot Dance Club chart! Now, he's newest single is "Drink My Love Away," which is a SUPER catchy song that talks about how to get over a difficult time during a relationship.

After a serious football injury during his high school days, Tino switched his career and started focusing much more on his music -- which we're glad he did! Check out part of our interview where he talks about how he's dealt with heartbreak, his tips for you on how to get a singing career started and a special message for his fans! How cool!

But first, take a look at Tino Coury's official music video for "Drink My Love Away!"

M: When did you realize that singing was something you to pursue as a career? Tino: When I got hurt playing football my senior year because I was planning on going away to play college football. I got hurt - you could see on my wrist I got three scars. The rest of my senior year I couldn't do anything or play any sports so I set up a studio in the basement. I starting teaching myself how to record, how to play the piano, the guitar better and drums and stuff. As I kept making music, my love for it just grew and grew. So I decided to say close to home for college and commute so I could get in the studio every day and make music. And, I started getting it out online and making my demos out and started performing a little bit. That's kind of when it all clicked.

M: What is your favorite song to perform live and why? Tino: My favorite song to perform live, well right now it's the single, "Drink My Love Away." That's one of my favorites because I have a cool way of flipping it on acoustic and playing it. So that's what I've been doing recently and I've been loving that record live.

M: What would you say you're most proud of so far? Tino: I would say the success of "Diary," hitting the top 40 at radio play and getting millions of views on YouTube. Definitely! I think that's been you know the best.

M: Have you ever been heartbroken and how do you deal with a break up? Tino: Definitely been heartbroken before. You know the best way I deal with it is just do things, like with my buddies I go play hoops or something. I'll go do different things. I'll start going out. I just distract myself and forget about it because I try to say to myself -- alright there are six billion people in this world, there is another one out there! (laughs)

M: What advice to you have for our readers who want to get into singing but don't know what to do to get started? Tino: The best thing I think and what helped me find my voice and get better as a singer is recording myself. That was the key. I got to sing and hear myself back and I'm like okay how can I fix this, how can I fix that or I'm going to try this differently or try that differently. So the best thing really - if you want to get better at singing is just record yourself. Understand what you sound like and how to get better.

M: Want to say anything else for your fans? Tino: Yeah! Just thank you for all the support they've giving me and making "Diary" the success that it was and all of their continued support too. I appreciate it because you know I can't be doing this without them.

So let's dish: -What do you guys think of Tino Coury's new song, "Drink Your Love Away?" Are you a fan of his?

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