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Check out our exclusive interview with 11-year-old Parenthood star Xolo Mariduena. Xolo may be young, but he has a big future! In addition Parenthood, he will soon be making his way to another popular show-- in animated form as a guest star on Family Guy!

M: Can you tell us about your character on Parenthood, Victor? Xolo: The thing about Victor is that he is always waiting for something bad to happen to him. His whole life has been full of bad experiences. We are very different in that way in that he seems to live life scared but I don't. I know that I am supported and loved, and Victor doesn't. I always think about that when I am playing Victor, that whatever he is doing is done with fear, although really it seems like anger.

M: What is it like working with the cast of Parenthood? Xolo: The thing with working with a cast this large is that I don't get to see all of them often. I would like to work with Mae Whitman and Jason Ritter more, they are actors who grew up working and I think I can learn so much from them. Recently we went to the wrap party and all the 'kid' actors ended up having the most fun, dancing and hanging out. We are kids so we don't sit around... we want to have fun! I even got to meet Hayden Byerly (he plays Max's friend Micah) and he was really cool. I never get to work with him so that was neat. Savannah, Tyree, and I we hang out often, our families are close. I think for next season it would be great to get more interaction between families like it is in real life. I'm always at my cousin's house, I think Victor should be too.

M: Are you excited about your guest-starring role on Family Guy? Tell us about your character Diego. Xolo: It was great... and easy! You walk into a booth and say your lines, that's the easy part, but it's what they do with that stuff that's so awesome. I can't give away too much of the show, that would ruin it, so you'll just have to wait and see. If you know Family Guy, you know they are always messing around with famous people in not the best light.

M: We saw your photos from the Golden Globes NBC Party! Did you get to meet a lot of celebrities? Were you star struck by anyone? Xolo: Well, I am not sure if I was star struck but the food was great. I notice I usually end up near the food because that's the best part of working. Also MC Lyte was dj'ing, and she is legendary so that was beyond awesome.

M: Who are your favorite singers? what are the most played songs on your ipod? Xolo: Ryu from Styles of Beyond and Fort Minor is my favorite mc. I also like Adam Levine and Skrillex (which drives my mom crazy). Right now on my iPod I listen to 'Sorry for Party Rocking' by LMFAO a lot. I really really love music, my family loves music so there's always something new to find in our record collection. In the garage studio between us all we have over 10,000 albums and I am always back there listening to stuff. I love New Edition, Nas, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Biggie, TuPac, so much stuff. I love music.

M: Can you tell us three random/wacky facts about yourself? Xolo: Oh man, it's hard to narrow it down. I love vinylmation and have hundreds of figures I collect. I like to watch Ted Talks, and I think ancient aliens are real. I'm not going to say that's wacky because I don't want aliens abducting me in revenge. Shout out to any aliens who are tuned in...

The Parenthood finale airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC!

Photo: Olesja Mueller

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