M Exclusive: Q&A with 'ParaNorman' star Tucker Albrizzi!


Hey M Girls,

If you're not familiar with Tucker Albrizzi (Jake from Good Luck Charlie), it's time for a crash course! He's about to hit up the big screen playing a lead role in the upcoming animated movie, ParaNorman which will be hitting theaters this Friday!

We were lucky enough to chat with Tucker and get the exclusive deets about his new role as Neil, what it was like on set working on Big Time Rush and which one of the boys reminds him of his own brother -- aw!

M: Hey Tucker! What was it like filming an animated movie? Tucker: It was really cool to see ParaNorman come to life because it was really fun doing that and actually, they made Neil before they saw me because it kinda looks like me, and they actually made that before they heard my voice or even saw me. So I think that was cool. And it's just really cool to see something like that come to life on the screen.

M: That is cool! So, what is your character, Neil, like? Tucker: Neil, is a kid who really doesn't have many friends. No one really likes him, he's kind of a weird kid...until he meets Norman. Norman, is kind of the same way except he can see ghosts! So Neil finds that really cool about him and he becomes his only friend.

M: Aww! What would you say is the biggest difference between filming on screen and acting in an animated movie? Tucker: The biggest difference is you don't have to worry about facial expressions and stuff like that and you can come there like, however you want. What I do is I usually go there in sweat pants and like a big comfy shirt and stuff.

M: You also starred on Big Time Rush, what is that like? Are the guys cool?" Tucker: The guys are really cool. I love all of them and one of them reminds me of my brother because they just like -- right before a take, he'll just like mess up my hair and just start joking with me so I'm laughing right before. So it's really fun working with them because we just have a bunch of fun.

M: Which of the guys is like your brother? Tucker: Carlos!

LOL -- nice chatting with you, Tucker!

Make sure you check out the trailer of his new movie, "ParaNorman" here!

So let's dish: -What do you guys think of the trailer of "ParaNorman" with Tucker? Will you be watching?

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