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Hey M Girls,

Today is the release day of the fourth installment of the Step Up film series -- Step Up Revolution! and this upbeat and cool 3D movie will make you want to dance in your seat!

In Step Up Revolution, Emily, who is played by Kathryn McCormick arrives in Miami with the dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Later, Emily falls in love with Sean -- the lead of a dance group -- Ryan Guzman's character. They will have to join forces in order to save their neighborhood!

Here's a video of Kathryn and Ryan telling M their on-set bloopers:

Check out this exclusive chat we had with both Kathryn and Ryan!

M: What were your first reactions when you heard you had gotten these roles? Kathryn: I was speechless. I remember I was driving on the way to rehearsal and I had got through the entire process of auditioning thinking nothing would come of it. I just was trying to overcome the fear of hearing my voice in acting. So I'm driving on the way to this rehearsal and I get a phone call and it's from Scott, the director, Scott Speer. And he's like, "Hey Kathryn, I just wanted to call you in person and tell you thank you so much for coming in and I'm sorry we have to do this.... But then he's like, we want you to be our Emily in Step Up!" Ryan: Mine was--you could tell what I was feeling. I was actually at the movie theater watching Bridesmaids and I was expecting a call, either bad or good. I just knew I was gonna get a call. I got a phone call. I was with one of my friends and he knew it had to do with the movie, left the theaters, and Scott played the exact same trick for me.

M: Were you guys fans of the first movie and all the Step Up movies? Kathryn: Yes. Step Up was probably one of my top three favorite dance movies that I've seen. So it's just crazy to watch that. And you know, every young girl has the dream to be the love interest in a movie, especially a dance movie if that's what you do. I would watch Step Up, (the first one), and say "she's so pretty. I just want to BE her." And I am now! It's just the craziest feeling, so yes, the first Step Up is my favorite. Ryan: I had seen the first two, but I didn't see the third one until I was in the audition process, so I was trying to figure out or maybe it was connecting. But after seeing the third one, I was just like these movies seem like they're really, really fun and I really want to get one of these. It kind of gave me more inspiration to work that much harder to get Step Up.

M: Are you like your characters, Sean and Emily? How are you like and unlike them? Kathryn: I'm very similar to Emily in a way, but Emily can be really in her head. She has a kind of timid innocence, but she also has a little bit of a wilder side, a rebellious side that she finds throughout the movie. I'm very similar in a sense that I grew up dancing and she grew up dancing. Ryan: As Sean, he has fun, he's fun-loving, and he looks out for his family and his friends and he holds them very, very dear to his heart but if he ever gets angry, he'll hold it in until that one last moment when he pops. That's kind of like me, too. Where I'm unlike Sean, I keep my shirt on most of the time.

M: So how long were you a dancer for? Kathryn: I've been dancing ever since I was three years old. My mom owned a studio when I was little, so I started there, but ended up going to another studio that she grew up at and doing competitions. It kind of ran in the family but I quit when I was ten because I hated it. I kind of had to make the choice that I wanted to do it on my own, kind of away from my mom because she had done it and she kind of stepped away too because she didn't want it to be something I did just because she did it. She wanted it to be my passion and my choice, so I took a little bit of time off from it and then went back, motivated, and had such a desire to do it. It kind of just went from there.

So let's dish: -Are you guys going to watch Step Up Revolution? Which has been your favorite Step Up so far?

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