M Exclusive Videos! One Direction and Camryn at Mohegan Sun concert!


M was the only teen mag at One Direction and Camryn's kick off show in Connecticut!

Hey M Girls!

It's hard to type this blog since we still hear screams from the crowd and have "One Thing" stuck in our head from One Direction's first tour stop at their Mohegan Sun concert! It was an unforgettable night and we can't wait to share all the deets from it!

First, we were invited backstage at Mohegan Sun to catch up with Camryn, One Direction's opening act who did an AMAZING job getting the crowd going! She told us she was "so excited" to tour with 1D and had met them backstage (she even saw Harry on the treadmill at the gym that day!). During our chat sesh, her friends kept texting her asking for deets about the guys -- too funny! So, Camryn wanted to tell M Girls ONLY what the boys were really like. Check out the vid:

She's a lucky girl! She also shared her tour must-haves with us:

Here's Cam posing with M!

After chatting some more and debating who our biggest 1D crush is, it was time to hit the arena -- 1D was set to perform! Camryn and I exchanged a big hug and then we headed to the arena. The walls were shaking with screams from the audience! Fans were holding up posters, wearing bright T-shirts and waving glow in the dark sticks. As the clock on the big screen counted down to 1D's arrival, the excitement was building..and then, Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis were on stage looking as HOT and happy as ever!

Besides playing their amazing songs, the guys covered a few of their fave songs, like "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine, Black Eyed Peas and more:

They even covered Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn":

Here's them singing one of our faves "One Thing":

The guys had a blast answering tweets from the crowd! Here, they do their best U.S. accents (Harry has us dying of laughter!), dance to the Inbetweeners dance and rap to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

Here's them singing "Everything About You":

They also covered Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody":

They finished with their mega hit "What Makes You Beautiful" -- love their energy!

Here's a pic we snapped of Harry and Louis:

Such an amazing concert! One Direction was so sweet, appreciative and thankful to the fans. They kept saying that they'd be "nothing without them" and how much 1Ders mean to them :)

Here's some other scoop from the night: -Towards the end of the show, Harry was over on the left side of the stage and some fans had grabbed him when they were touching his hand and he couldn't get his hand loose! When he got his hand free, he was laughing and smiling but said to them, "Ouch, that hurt!" and rubbed his hand and kept looking down at it for the rest of the show! But he didn't seem to be in too much pain and was laughing with the fans. -Zayn kept peeking up to the big screen to see how he looked on camera when he was singing or on stage! -Niall seemed to be the goofiest that night -- he kept laughing, joking around with the guys and was smiling the entire time on stage! -Liam moonwalked for the crowd and showed off his skills proudly! -Louis was wearing his fave red pants and kept thanking the crowd throughout the night! He also kept wiping his sweat on his shirt :)

Love it! So let's dish: -Are you checking out Camryn and One Direction on tour? What video was your favorite? Who's your fave 1Der?

Comment away!!

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