M Exclusive: Your fave stars behind the scenes of Jingle Ball!


Hey M Girls!

On Friday, Dec. 7, M attended the red carpet of Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City's Madison Square Garden -- we got the latest scoop on your fave stars!

Yep, that's right! We're going to fill you in on One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, and Cher Lloyd. We're also going to share some other awesome pics we took of Taylor Swift and The Wanted! So...are you ready?

First thing's first. Here's our close-up pic of Harry Styles -- look at his GORG smile:

Now here's a pic of Zayn Malik and Niall Horan:

So, here's the dish about the lovely lads. When asked what the difference between their stage make-up and normal make-up was, Louis responded: "We don't wear make-up!" They also spilled that for they love wearing track suits! When asked what they were going to wear the next day, Niall replied: "We're going back to London, so I'll probably be wearing a track suit all day." Why, we ask? "Because they're comfortable!" he said.

Another one of our fave celebs, Ed Sheeran, stopped by M on the carpet to chat!

We learned what he does when he can't sleep. "I watch loads of YouTube videos." Hmm... maybe we should try that!

We also wanted to find out about Ed's hairstyling tips. When asked if he uses hair products when it's his day off, he said: "No, only if someone's coming around."

Let's talk Olly Murs! Check out our Q & A with him below, and an adorbs pic!

M: What's your favorite date? Olly: McDonalds!

LOL! Then we got more serious and talked about girls...

M: What's a quality you like in a girl? Olly: Lovely eyes.

M: What's about a pet peeve? Olly: If they eat with their mouth full and then they speak with their mouth full. Not attractive.

M: Who do you want to be your New Year's kiss? Olly: This lady standing right there! (Pssst...Olly was talking about one of us from M! Now THAT'S swoon-worthy!)

And lastly, here's our convo with Cher Lloyd:

M: Do you have a Christmas tradition? Cher: I make the placemats for my grandma for the table. I make them myself and I give them to her to put on the table.

M: What's your favorite fashion moment? Cher: I've got to say the pictures from tonight. This is my favorite outfit! I have to get my stuff custom made because I'm really small.

Here's some more photos from the red carpet! First up: Taylor Swift.

Lastly, here are two pics of The Wanted:

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