M Girl Advice Column: How Do I Get Energized and Healthy?


Dear M Girl,

I always feel so sleepy and I don't have any energy at school. I end up sleeping in on the weekends and my mom gets mad at me for waking up really late. My friends and I eat candy and sugary drinks at school so sometimes I have energy but most of the time, I feel under the weather. I never know what the right thing to eat is so I just bring junk food to school! How do I make myself feel better? Sincerely yours, Selxheartsxxx16

Hey Selxheartsxxx16,

Think of all the fun things you are missing when you sleep in late or feel sick! Make sure you are going to sleep every night at the same time so that you get proper rest. There are tons of things you can do to make yourself feel better. Instead of snacking on candy at school, pack some apple slices or grapes to share with your friends. My personal favorite school snack is yogurt with granola and fruit--you should totes try it! Instead of sugary drinks, take some refreshing drinks with you to class---add lemon juice to sparkling water and keeping it in your bag in case you get thirsty. No soda needed here! When you add more nutrients to your daily diet, you will have more energy to do fun stuff. Instead of sleeping in late on Saturday mornings, you can hit an early bird sale at the mall or go on a morning jog with your besties! Let me know how it goes!

XOXO, M Girl

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